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APFutura’s expertise spans across various sectors, collaborating with both public and private entities to deliver innovative network solutions tailored to their unique needs. With over 15 years of experience, APFutura is your trusted partner in establishing resilient and scalable network infrastructures across diverse industries.
APFutura sectors network operators rural regions
City Councils and Governments
We collaborate with these entities to provide comprehensive network solutions that support public services and enhance citizen engagement.  We work with Smart Cities to ensure connectivity with Small Cells.
Network Operators
We work closely with companies to deliver high-performance network solutions that drive growth and innovation.

Rural regions

We work with small communities to connect rural areas.  We advise and assist to improve daily life using more technically advanced solutions such as IoT, radio links, rural fibre optic etc.

Corporate clients

We offer connectivity and customised or bespoke type connectivity tailored to their specific needs, ensuring reliable connectivity for employees and visitors alike. This also includes Wi-Fi and cables to the premises.


We enable connectivity between different buildings within campuses, enabling collaborative learning environments and providing access to educational  resources.  We ensure reliable and high-quality coverage throughout schools and universities meaning the learning never has to be interrupted.
We specialise in connecting different buildings within healthcare facilities, ensuring seamless communication and access to critical data. Our low-latency services provide robust backup solutions to safeguard vital operations.  We also provide connectivity solutions to medical R&D projects.
APFutura sectors transportation retail utilities


We utilise existing electrical pylons and lines to establish efficient fibre network systems, enhancing connectivity and operational efficiency.
Transportation and Logistics
We use railway lines for our fibre deployment,  enhancing railway communications and empowering logistics companies for seamless operations.


We provide continuous connectivity throughout commercial centres ensuring visitors stay connected whether they are in central areas or inside retail establishments.  Business isn’t lost due to bad connection!