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Case Studies

APFutura has worked on a wide variety of projects in the telecommunications sector. Each of these projects has been developed in a personalised manner and with exclusive dedication to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Network as a Service - F&W Networks (UK)

Year:  2018 to present day.

Service:  Engineering, back-office, network planning and support services.

Fibre & Wireless is an FTTH Network Operator in the UK, operating since 2018.
F&W needed a complete technical and operations department.

APFutura was engaged to serve as F&W’s entire technical team. With years of experience and expertise, F&W can confidently depend on APFutura’s capabilities, only needing to employ their own CTO to oversee the work.

APFutura’s work includes:

  • Design and Implementation of High-Speed Fibre Optic FTTH Access Network
  • Support, operations and maintenance services
  • Point-to-Point Connectivity and Connection Rings
  • Trust in NOKIA Equipment
  • Connectivity Infrastructure Supported by Netelastic at 100Gb
  • Wholesale services – use of our network infrastructure for resale


We carried out the design and implementation of high-speed Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) access networks, featuring point-to-point connectivity and connection rings. Our connectivity infrastructure, backed by Netelastic at 100Gb, ensures reliable and high-speed access for more than 17,000 active customers.

We have successfully implemented, managed, and supervised the FTTH access network across the towns on the outskirts of London.

Our capabilities allow us to offer speeds of 10Gb with XGS-PON technology. Connecting 2 towns per month, currently we proudly serve over 60 towns.APFutura has deployed a network that provides speeds of 10Gb with XGS-PON technology, working with Nokia’s equipment to provide cutting-edge technology. Our robust connectivity at 10Gb relies on NOKIA’s IXR-S and IXR-E equipment, while the core operates at 100Gb using SR-1. To ensure smooth transit at 100Gb speeds, our infrastructure is backed by Netelastic’s BNG.

Connectivity services - University Carlos III (Madrid)

Year:  2013 to present day.

Service: Engineering, network planning and support services

Universidad Carlos III is a public university based in Getafe, community of Madrid. They needed to improve their communication network, and APFutura worked together with the university to lead the digital revolution,  defining a detailed analysis of the planning and needs and designing an advanced communications network.

APFutura carried out the work by providing:

  • Ring formed by TM-3000 and 2 TM-301 (Infinera)
  • Redundant Services (1Gb and 10Gb) and PTP
  • Multiplexed in CWDM.


The network included the design of the university fibre ring that was powered by an Infinera TM-3000 and 2 TM-301.

Two important approaches were considered:

  • The data transport services offered needed to be  redundant 1Gb and 10Gb, along with PTP links to ensure connections.
  • The Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology utilised to optimise the efficiency of the network, weaving a robust infrastructure for the academic community.

Electricity to Fibre - Centelles (Catalunya)

Year:  2012

Services: Engineering, back-office, network planning and support services.
There was a necessity to generate additional revenue by installing a fibre network alongside an existing electrical infrastructure.

APFutura was tasked with developing an FTTH Network infrastructure design for Electradistribució Centelles, a public electricity company. The objective was to provide FTTx services to an ISP and enhance revenues from the existing infrastructure (combining electrical and telecom services).

In 2013, APFutura established an ISP to operate over the same infrastructure. This company is named FOCentelles.

Corporate Connectivity Services - BBraun (Catalunya)

Year:  2013.

Service:  HSI and corporate connectivity services.

BBraun required connectivity between their two corporate buildings in Catalunya, with fibre optics and separate radio links for backup.

APFutura delivered:

  • Direct Internet Interconnection
  • Building Interconnection with Fibre Optics
  • Backup Radio Links
  • Internet Backup through a 30km Radio Link
  • Radio Band Licensing


APFutura laid 8 optical fibres across various streets and linked them to their own ISP. Additionally, we installed a Point-to-Point backup radio link.

Following the success of this implementation, the network was expanded to Tarragona, where we installed a 32km backup radio link, providing them with 100Mb Internet services. We also handled the governmental licensing management for the radio link bands.

This case underscores APFutura’s ability to provide comprehensive solutions, emphasising resilience with backup links and proactive collaboration in obtaining licenses.

Other company with a similar project:  Continental

Year:  2016-2023

Management of connectivity ring along Tenerife - Cabildo de Tenerife (Canary Island)

Year:  2014 

Services:  Installation, network management, design, connectivity, support.

The island of Tenerife required a complete upgrade to their regional government network.

APFutura deployed Infinera’s XTM Series broadband network across the regional government network infrastructure to increase broadband connectivity throughout Tenerife. 

Installation and start-up of the DWDM transport network for self-provision of Telecommunications services, with a contract value of €4.9M.


Initial project 2014

  • 3 optical rings to cover the North and South area of the island
  • Redundant connectivity for 80 government headquarters
  • Optical amplification only in main data centre


Expansion in 2021

  • 2 trunk rings to interconnect secondary nodes
  • 12 secondary rings interconnecting 160 government headquarters


Services offered by APFutura:

  • Design, installation, start-up and O&M of the transportation network.
  • Services from 1GbE to 10GbE with/without redundancy according to their needs.
  • Support through our 24×7 preventive, proactive and reactive NOC
  • Database Management of the geolocated network with APX
  • Integration of Infinera equipment management with APX.


“Partnering with Apfutura to support Cabildo de Tenerife, we were able to deliver a cost-effective, high-speed regional government network that met the growing bandwidth needs of a densely populated island in record time.”

Nick Walden, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Infinera.

Neutral Host In-Building Connectivity - Cellnex Telecom (UK)

Year:  2021

Services: Engineering, network planning and support services.

Cellnex needed a new management system of their data network traffic.

APFutura participated in the deployment of the Neutral Host In-Building project for Cellnex Telecom, where we undertook the responsibility of designing, implementing, and interconnecting Cellnex’s Reading headquarters in the UK with Vodafone and VMO2 core networks. This endeavour encompassed the establishment of a centralised infrastructure, known as Cellnex UK NIHB JOTS, which served as a Neutral Host core Data centre, efficiently optimising traffic management.

APFutura responsibilities included:

  • Design and implementation of a centralised infrastructure to efficiently handle all traffic from Reading offices to the datacentre located in Slough
  • Interconnection of the Neutral Host Datacentre with Vodafone and VMO2
  • E2E traffic management from Cellnex’s headquarters in Reading to VMO2 and Vodafone core networks
  • Development of security policies for the secure operation of the network


Additionally, our commitment to robust security policies ensured the integrity of the network, while fostering seamless connectivity to enhance communication efficiency between Cellnex and its strategic partners.

Consultancy Services - Localret (Catalunya)

Year:  2020.

Service:  Consultancy and network planning for different municipalities.

Localret is a consortium formed by the local administrations of Catalonia to support municipalities in their digital transformation. APFutura worked with Localret and the Girona Provincial Council.

Localret required a telecommunications infrastructure design to connect different towns in Girona with a main fibre optic network. The project included 200 kilometres of pipeline laid by the CTTI. 

APFutura conducted preliminary studies on broadband network enhancement in several towns across Catalunya. Furthermore, APFutura conducted coverage and improvement studies in over 30 rural towns in Catalunya.

These projects were promoted by Consorci Localret.

Networks as a Service - Berguedà Telecom (Catalunya)

Year:  2013.

Services:  Telecom infrastructure and O&M for FTTH/Wimax Networks.

There was a significant demand for reliable internet connectivity in the rural areas and small villages of Catalunya.

To address this need, APFutura collaborated with the ISP Bergueda Telecom to establish Fibre and Radio networks, enabling internet access for these underserved communities.

All equipment, including fibre and radio infrastructure, is owned and managed by APFutura.

Professional Services and Software Solution - Ajuntament de Barcelona (Catalunya)

Year:  2015

Services:  APX-GIS solution, audit and management of the Barcelona IT services and the Fibre Infrastructure within the different municipalities

The Barcelona Council needed a GIS and management system upgrade. 

APFutura assisted in transitioning and organising their data, previously managed using Excel spreadsheets, into a new database and their proprietary APX-GIS system. This process involved conducting an audit in collaboration with the council.

Other similar projects:  Barcelona Port, Sant Cugat council and Terrasa council

WiFi and Fibre connectivity services - Ajuntament de Rubí (Catalunya)

Year:  2013.

Services:  Engineering consultancy, network planning and support services.

Rubí is a municipality in the province of Barcelona located. The Rubí Council required a complete upgrade and renewal of their fibre network.

APFutura provided:

  • Interconnection of Buildings with Fibre Optics
  • Radio Links Between Buildings
  • Corporate Wi-Fi
  • Hotspot Portal
  • Communication Infrastructure Improvements


APFutura enhanced their infrastructure by integrating new equipment, including corporate Wi-Fi, HSI internet services, and O&M in a corporate fibre network.

These services were integrated into their existing infrastructure, incorporating upgraded point-to-point and radio links. Additionally, new public and private Wi-Fi networks were deployed, along with the installation of new routers.

APFutura has been a key player in the modernisation of the communication infrastructure of the Rubí City Council since 2013, excelling in the interconnection of buildings through optical fibres and radio links. The implementation of a corporate Wi-Fi network with over 100 access points has enhanced internal connectivity and improved the efficiency of the City Council. The introduction of the hotspot portal has streamlined access for visitors and collaborators, solidifying Rubí’s position as a technologically advanced municipality. Comprehensive support services were provided and continue to be maintained.

These improvements not only strengthen the operational effectiveness of the City Council but also foster an agile and connected environment, promoting higher levels of productivity and collaboration towards new innovative goals.

WiFi & Fibre connectivity services extension - Ajuntament de Rubí (Catalunya)

Year:  2020:

Services:  Wi-Fi deployment in all City Council buildings

The Rubí Council required Wi-Fi installed in all their official buildings.

APFutura played a crucial role in transforming the municipal networks of the Rubí City Council, focusing particularly on the implementation of an advanced Wi-Fi mesh system in all buildings. This project involved the installation of more than 100 access points, interconnection of buildings with fibre, and proactive network management. Kilometres of fibre optic were laid, and in some cases, point-to-point radio links were deployed to establish a robust and reliable infrastructure. Advanced networking management ensured optimal performance, constant monitoring, and swift responses. This initiative not only significantly enhanced municipal services but also positioned APFutura as the current provider for support and network engineering for the city council’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Innovation Projects


Year: 2019

APFutura led an innovative project by installing, configuring, and commissioning the first XGS-PON network in Spain. This project, conducted for PCTT (Parque Científico de Tenerife), covered two buildings: Nanotec and Iactec.

The aim was to create a cutting-edge PLAN (Passive LAN) network using a mix of XGS-PON and GPON technologies. This setup provided connectivity for various corporate services such as Wi-Fi, VoIP, Video surveillance, Access Control, Elevator communication, and HSI.

Adtran TA5000 series equipment played a crucial role in enabling both GPON and XGS-PON functionalities.


Year:  2024

At APFutura we are committed to Innovation to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions aligned with new market trends.

APFutura conducted an innovative Proof of Concept (PoC) for Xarxa Oberta de Catalunya (Cellnex Telecom) to evaluate the new Infinera XR Optics in a real-world environment. XR Optics can transmit up to 400Gbbps with different sub-carriers of 25Gbps over the same physical infrastructure.

The test was performed with a 80Km link between to XOC sites, the scope was to analyse and test the optical power budget and 4x100GbE services over the same fibre. APFutura was involved in the configuration and the certification tests performed over the XR Optics (BERT (bit error test) and RFC2544 (tests to certify that the service is running properly).

APFutura is Infinera’s first supplier of XR optics, a new groundbreaking technology in the market that aims to reduce the number of active equipment in the transport layer, using only active equipment at the edges of the network.

In fact, XR optics are installed on the client equipment and on the HUB, which acts as an optical aggregator.

APFutura carried out the technological tests with Infinera, initially in the laboratory and then in a client’s commercial network:

  • Stress a 400G link to simulate the access part section between the customer headquarters and the aggregator
  • Confirm the range of the optics using a VOA (Variable Optical Attenuator) to insert attenuation in the link between optics and confirm the LOS (Loss of Signal)


The tests were a success for all parties involved, achieving the expected value of exceeding 11dB of attenuation over a distance of 30Km and confirming that we could eliminate intermediate network equipment such as switches and aggregators.

With these tests, APFutura has been able to confirm that XR optics allow us to reduce the number of optics by 50%, thus reducing the complexity of the network and operational activities, achieving a reduction in the total network cost.


Year:  2020

APFutura participated in the EU-funded CHARISMA Project (Characterisation and HARmonisation for Industrial Standardisation of Advanced MAterials), aimed at standardising Raman Spectroscopy for material characterisation throughout the entire lifecycle, from product design and manufacturing to performance over time and end-of-life stage.

Model to harmonise Raman spectroscopy

Normalise and harmonise Raman spectroscopy in the NMBP community

Harmonise Raman characterisation data

Harmonise Raman spectra

Generate a FAIR Raman data repository

Demonstrate the performance of harmonised Raman characterisation across domains in real industrial cases

Standardise Raman protocols

CHARISMA was based on the synergy between academic and industrial partners with the core of the project being divided into a technical, research-based pool that developed and analysed tools, and an industrial pool that applied those tools.

APFutura is also currently involved in other EU Horizon projects.