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About Us

Who we are

At APFutura, we are experts in advanced connectivity and networking solutions for companies and public entities. Our specialised team offers consulting, project management and ongoing technical support from our multi-technology NOC. We define the future of technological infrastructure with an innovative approach adapted to each client.

We have more than 15 years of expertise and were instrumental in the deployment of initial FTTH networks, not only in Spain but also in the UK and Costa Rica. We have completed over 300 projects, providing innovative and quality technical solutions to both the public and private sectors.

We offer a wide range of solutions and services that cover all client needs in relation to fibre optic networks (FTTC, FTTP & FTTH), private networks and Small Cells for 4G, 5G and Wifi coverage, and are firmly committed to fulfilling our clients´ needs.

For APFutura, clients are our top priority; whether the project be big or small, we guide our clients through every step of the process, from design to viability studies to monitoring and maintenance through our 24×7 NOC team. APFutura´s services do not  just end with implementation, we will be by your side to address issues, monitor quality and further improve and optimise the network.

Our Offices

  • Headquarters in Barcelona
  • Menorca, Tenerife and Asturias
  • International Delegation in London


Taking the right steps

At APFutura we conduct business in an ethical, transparent and honest manner. We act in accordance with our moral principles, respecting pertinent laws and regulations

We promote creativity

At APFutura innovation is the engine that drives our growth. We enhance our results by applying new ideas, methods, products or services that help us to enrich our clients´experience, whether it’s through the introduction of new offers, incorporation of innovative functions or optimisation of current services.

We fulfill our promises with dedication and passion

At APFutura we promote active collaboration, seamless teamwork and a profound mutual respect between each and every member of our team. We define a clear path towards individual and group objectives, along with a constant and determined effort.

Building bridges, connecting people

At APFutura connectivity is the thread that ties together every aspect of our business´ ecosystem. It´s more than simple communication, it´s the bridge that unites our employees, clients and providers in a globalised, digital world. Connectivity is the cement on which we build solid and effective relationships.

Our mission is to provide operators, local authorities, and businesses with dependable, resilient, and rapid connectivity via our services and technological solutions tailored to the requirements of each project. We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, offering personal treatment and a 360-degree service. With a future vision, we anticipate needs and provide adjusted solutions to meet all client requirements. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we proactively avoid problems, saving valuable time and money while instilling total confidence in our clients. With our team of experts and strategic partners, we strive to achieve an optimal balance between people, planet, and technology-driven prosperity.

Our company’s vision is to create a digitally connected society that not only enriches the lives of individuals, but also promotes sustainable development in line with the U.N´s official guidelines (SDGs). We firmly believe that connectivity is a fundamental pillar in reaching these objectives, eliminating current barriers in communication and encouraging equality of access to technology and information across the globe, spanning from urban to rural areas.

Our vision is to provide a better quality of life for society and businesses. We offer the latest technology in telecoms and connectivity that transcends geographical barriers and facilitates the access to development opportunities for both people and companies through a robust and uninterrupted connection.

To achieve this vision we are committed to upholding values aligning with those of the SDGs, such as innovation, transparency, integrity, confidence and reliability. We ensure our work is always guided by these principles, therefore contributing to the growth of local communities with the goal of creating a more equal and prosperous future.

Our Team

Our leadership team encompasses experts in all areas of network infrastructure, but with the same commitment to success through the support and motivation not only of our clients, but also of our team.  The company’s passion for innovation and improvement drives forward the progress of our clients.

Victor Dot- CEO

Extensive international experience working with operators and vendors in Spain and the UK: Vodafone, H3G, Ericsson and Cellnex.

Víctor is an expert in mobile telephone networks, leading network deployment projects such as 4G in London, the Madrid metro and deployment of Small Cells(5G) in cities and unique buildings.

Oriol Riba - CIO

As CTO of F&W and Digital Infrastructure, Oriol has been a pioneer in the deployment of fibre networks in the UK.

Oriol is an expert in the development of Software systems to improve and optimise the deployment of Telecommunications networks (Network Automation).

Jordi Ros – CTO

Founder of APFutura where he deployed the first FTTH networks on the peninsula in 2009.

Jordi is an expert in fibre, transport and IP networks. He has participated in large consulting projects for public administrations and local entities such as Cabildo and Localret.

Gabriela Margareto
Gabriela Margareto - Head Of Bus Dev

Telecommunications Engineer with over a decade of experience in the telco industry, Gabi has specialised in LTE, 4G and 5G networks, both indoor and outdoor. After working at Eurona and Cellnex Telecom, she joined APFutura to keep evolving in the telecommunications sector, exploring fibre and mobile convergence solutions.

Elisabet Ribas
Elisabet Ribas - CFO
With a degree in Economics and Actuarial and Financial Sciences, Elizabet has extensive experience in finance and has developed her professional career in auditing, banking and private equity. Elisabet has been involved in the growth and expansion of Apfutura for several years.
Carlos Bock
Carlos Bock - Chairman

Doctorate in Signal and Communications Theory from the UPC, and lawyer since 2019 at the UAC. He is currently a professor of Optical Networks at the UFC. Carlos Bock is a strategic consultant in broadband technologies, FTTH, 4G/5G and mobile convergence access solutions.

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